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Yay Hey its Autumn

posted Sep 19, 2011 16:42:17 by stevenmaidens
Love this Season soooo much...
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stevenmaidens said Sep 19, 2011 22:49:20
Not good for bikers though !! slippery leaves on the roads, I always think of my brother and his zillion miles an hour Black bullet..
stevenmaidens said Sep 20, 2011 13:43:33
Blasted cars off road again..rear axle somthing or other..Byrons on it...Blinking cars bionic..Had pretty much all its innards replaced now...Its really a porche, it just looks like a pug..:-)
ChrisSpears said Sep 20, 2011 22:40:34
Yeah i've had enough of the summer time for cool evenings and renewed training, i always look forward to this time of year.
stevenmaidens said Sep 21, 2011 07:49:34
Me too...early Summer/late Spring is one of my favorite times..much fresher.There is generally an overall feeling of somthing new...The feeling that somthing great,exciting is just about to happen...Autumn however makes me feel like taking account of everything that has gone before..Its like leaning on a milestone and looking back at the journey behind us.Contemplation kicks in as we prepare for the coming Winter..It dosnt happen quickly though..Generally the weather and shut down period last right up to xmas..Its after that it takes on a new form
stevenmaidens said Sep 22, 2011 09:24:33
Flippin cold
ChrisSpears said Sep 22, 2011 10:57:54
Its not that cold... yet.
ChrisSpears said Sep 22, 2011 11:17:45
Lets just hope its not an arctic freeze this xmas, cant be having that.
stevenmaidens said Sep 22, 2011 12:24:13
Wouldnt mind a freeze !! as long as its after xmas not before, good to see Shaun lastnight, dont you think
ChrisSpears said Sep 23, 2011 19:35:07
As to a freeze... No- Syberia can keep it this year 7 hour days out in the arctic weather is not appealing at any time of year.
ChrisSpears said Sep 23, 2011 19:35:28
Its always good to see a student return renewed and ready to train especialy when they are enthusiastic, genuine enthusiasm is always a welcome sight.
ScottHutchinson said Sep 24, 2011 16:41:18
This is my season, the season of my birth, however I think I prefer Spring.
stevenmaidens said Sep 24, 2011 21:28:13
Spring is lovely, After a dark cold Winter. Autumn however for me is the end of good times, It isnt cold or dark..To be honest the heat, muggy as it is towards the end of the Summer im not keen on..The Autumn brings fresher winds..mmmmmmm yes I do love the Autumn..I also like the hunter gatherer inner me, it starts looking ahead, the preparing for the Winter..The shutting down and cosy nights in..
LeeHaslamVT said Sep 26, 2011 08:31:20
So a mini Indian Summer on the way... yippee. But the the winter does not look good people, so wrap up. I do love the crisp mornings and the smell of a bonfire before dusk. Remember walking home from school as the leaves dropped, blown on by the wind. The fun of the onset of dark early nights, playing with torches.. arh and the excitement of bonfire night - knowing that christmas was just around the corner.

I use to wake up in the morning to the sight of a white frosted garden, we lived in Surrey and we use to get some very heavy frosts. Mum said Jack Frost had been dancing around the garden .. knew it was dad with the cocaine - pissed and high again!! haha

Ah memories.. what's yours???
stevenmaidens said Sep 26, 2011 12:34:58
Loved that..

Before the world turned to upc, I remember there being ice on the inside of the windows, like somthing out of, the day after tmo..

The fun of the onset of early nights playing kiss chase..young uns today miss out on all the fun..I remember having to climb out of the bedroom window to get outside..10ft deep the snow was one year..We dug a passage out from the front door..It looked like somthing out of the Hoth base in "the empire strikes back"

LeeHaslamVT said Sep 26, 2011 13:21:58
Yeah remember the ice on the window too, having to goto bed in a tracksuit and bubble hat, we didn't have central heating. Icicles as long as you arm ... great
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