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Onwards and upwards !!

posted Sep 22, 2011 12:20:22 by stevenmaidens
Moving forward into the future..
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stevenmaidens said Sep 23, 2011 15:56:30
What the future holds for everyone who knows !!
ChrisSpears said Sep 23, 2011 18:46:53
Onwards and upwards indeed! I have never been so sure about the path laid before us than now- having seen the WSL path i am cirtain its for me, each to their own... but WSL system for me heralds a return to the original concept of Wing Chun- Honing both mind and body for combat, regardless of wether war is a fact of life anymore i believe that its important to preserve the arts of combat just as its important to preserve the survival skills of our ancestors (many of which have sadly been lost to modern times).
stevenmaidens said Sep 23, 2011 21:50:08
Nice..Yes people have forgotten that it is a fighting art..First and formost.Play with it after youve aquired the skill to make it efficient and effective.If you dont you risk getting lost in playing hands and the pretty flamboyant side of it.
ScottHutchinson said Sep 24, 2011 16:25:24
Despite war not being a fact of life for most of us these days there are still a lot of nasty people out there who wouldn't think twice about physically assaulting anyone. Everyone should know how to defend themselves from these attackers.
I started martial arts late in life in my twenties when I joined the Metropolitan Police force, one of our training Sargent's' advised us we needed a little more than a 12inch long piece of hardwood and some boxing practice. So I joined his Aikido group, ever since then I have been searching for the ultimate defence system. It seemed to me that if you were old or weak many of the techniques used in various martial systems would be difficult for you to use. Finally I found Wing Chun that uses technique over fitness or strength to work. I just wished that I had discovered this earlier in my martial art career I could have been so much further ahead. However it seems everything has its time. If I hadn't tried the other martial art systems first I wouldn't have appreciated how good Wing Chun actually is. If I had started earlier I might never have found a sifu with whom I have total confidence in their ability to teach me this under appreciated martial art. So now I've started I will continue to practice this system for as long as I can. You never know I may one day become a master! lol.
stevenmaidens said Sep 24, 2011 17:57:30
Lol..You had better Scott !!!

Seriously though...thankyou, your words havnt fallen on deaf ears..In todays world of wannabe martial artist and arseholes that think that they no best. It is a joy to know that i have a team behind me, that believes in me the way i believe in them..

ChrisSpears said Sep 28, 2011 00:40:45
I agree Scott- there seems to be a limitless supply of modern day yobs whoose ignorance fear and sense of self importance cloud their judgment on a daily basis, fortunatly their disposition procludes the idea that they should train for combat- balance is served by each honorable person that seeks the martial path and finds there not only self defence but scores of like minded people.
stevenmaidens said Sep 28, 2011 08:26:10
As far as Im concerned !! nobody leaves !! they get removed...This is the way of the universe..

Cast your warmth around you and see it reflected back in others..

Those that just absorb!!!!!, well we could all do without these kinds of people in our lives. In class, in work, even just in passing on the street..
stevenmaidens said Sep 28, 2011 08:26:11
Wing Chun is a way of being !! It is like Taoism.

A true Wing Chun practioner is like a fine tuned being, able to blend Body ,mind and spirit..

A highly tained individual that dosn't balance their being with Ying, is like a bomb with a dodgy timer...

True energy is distributed throughout the universe, you cant physically get it !! If you resonate at the right frequency, it will come to you..

So worry not as reguards to bad practioners, all they will ever have is a mere shadow of what it is they seek..

LeeHaslamVT said Sep 28, 2011 09:05:18
Its a journey not a destination!
ScottHutchinson said Sep 28, 2011 13:00:10
Absolutely Lee that's why it's called the Tao Te Ching (The book of the way) because it is not the destination that is important but how we get there. Right on Bro. :-)
stevenmaidens said Sep 28, 2011 13:32:18
Absolutely..It'd be nice for you guys to train together some time...Dont think youve ever met..
stevenmaidens said Oct 19, 2011 10:30:33
Class tonight...

There may be three new guys arriving tonight !! Its always difficult for new people, they have enough to deal with just getting through the door. Once in, feelings of being inadaquate quickly set in. Most come thinking they know a little( unconscious incompetence) and very quickly realise they know nothing(conscious incompetence).

This is a huge blow to their psyche, ego whatever you would like to call it. Its make or break !!! or indeed "Fight or Flight" as we like to refer to it as.

These new students need a lot of encouragement..what they dont need is " Oh I dont want to train with them as i wont be learning anything"....wrong attitude.

We learn from every single person we meet, be it within our class or on the street.

Learn to welcome the experience of new brothers and sisters. For without them we have no future.
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 19, 2011 11:06:52
Good luck to them, I know hard that feeling is.. still is! But your great and the guys are such warm positive souls. That's the best start anyone can have... enjoy!
stevenmaidens said Oct 19, 2011 12:30:23
ChrisSpears said Oct 19, 2011 14:26:51
You are right its a dificult task simply walking through the door, we should all treat it as an opertunity- each set of arms is different.. no two people move think or interpret the same and its a huge opertunity we have to train with new people.
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