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Club polo shirts !!!

posted Sep 30, 2011 08:45:23 by stevenmaidens
Ok, Im kinda throwing together the new tops, Still in idea mode, so no need to panic yet..

Im more than happy for Guys that have older top versions to keep on wearing them.

Those of you that want a new improved, better stance, better chi sao, better Wing Chun full stop version need to let me know..

Due to the embroidery cost tops will be in the region of £20 (I will tell you the exact price, when I know)

Thats it..have a great day guys
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19 replies
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 01, 2011 08:20:41
I will want one! Please... and a hoody.. I want to be hugged. Lol
Justin_Clifford said Oct 01, 2011 10:09:36
I would like one please steve, cant keep wearing those t-shirts.
stevenmaidens said Oct 01, 2011 10:26:10
Cool guys, I forgot to add sizes please !!! I can guesstimate most of you but still, Im usually a medium, Although I can just as happily wear a large..
ChrisSpears said Oct 01, 2011 14:10:17
You can put me down for 2 shirts and a hoody, you know my sizes surely? Its cool that you have settled on the new design i like it.
stevenmaidens said Oct 05, 2011 08:27:43
Havnt managed to get hold of the "HD" guy yet..the imaged needs this otherwise the stitching comes out too big...on it though
stevenmaidens said Oct 13, 2011 13:59:16
Designs have gone off to the "HD" man..a couple of weeks and then its off to the shirt shop..It takes usually a week to get them back so 3-4 weeks people..I will have a list in class that people can add themselves to.
stevenmaidens said Dec 15, 2011 18:23:59
The tops are kinda ready...I cant get them done this side of xmas...but I can after..

Prices; Polo training top (new design) £20
Hoodys (zppy) £20

If anybody is interested let me know some time soon...order going in during Jan..

ChrisSpears said Dec 15, 2011 19:39:38
Great! my order stands they are going to be nice and smart cant wait.
stevenmaidens said Dec 16, 2011 09:49:23
I have enough for my first order....
ScottHutchinson said Dec 16, 2011 12:20:16
I would like a new design T shirt please size 2XL. Thanks.
stevenmaidens said Dec 17, 2011 15:53:02
Great guys thanks..
MendipWingChunKuen said Dec 30, 2011 13:32:00
Ok that the new year is nearly here, its now time for me to put in the order..

I can order everyones shirts etc...but I do require money up front..Normally I would just sort it out, but Jan bills plus supplying pressies for 3 children has left me broke..

So if you really do want a top or multiples as some of you do...Put your money in an envelope or somthing similar and give to me at class...ok cool.

As far as I know the price hasnt gone up, it is still £20 per item...coolio

If it has due to the goverment taxing the hell out of us, I will let you know...
ChrisSpears said Jan 26, 2012 23:47:11
Nice shirts Sifu- black and golden yellows where its at.
stevenmaidens said Jan 27, 2012 11:46:19
Thanks Chris.....only the best for my brothers...
stevenmaidens said Jan 29, 2012 15:47:19
Just a quick.....Im going in for another order....

Im getting Zippy hoodys....Drew one large, Fei one xlarge, myself...anyone else !!

Just to recap only Drew has paid up front.

Lee if you still want, just sort out payment when I see worries, as i can get yours anytime.

coolio....Im putting in an order for poles....proper ones...anyone interested ??

Approx £72 plus p+p (theses are the very rare proper poles and wont be around forever)

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