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Vent board !!

posted Oct 01, 2011 10:45:56 by stevenmaidens
Wanna have a good ole british whinge at any of the following; Somone , self, job, money, politicians (hell yeah), Fuel rises, nuclear powerplants the size of Denmark !! Keep it clean but otherwise feel free to
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LeeHaslamVT said Oct 01, 2011 14:21:42
Denmark small! Wot about the Isle of Wight!! Wot is it with people driving in the middle of the road urgghhghg - hate sat navs! Buy a Bloody map!
ChrisSpears said Oct 01, 2011 15:23:12
Polititions! agghh! they take our money so they can argue with each other then they undermine each others efforts before they can make any progress on sorting the country out we could just not bother with polititions and gain the same result.
stevenmaidens said Oct 01, 2011 15:37:20
Yep "politicians suck"....and neighbours with modded cars and their f**king any time of the day...Has nobody told them the big "car=small penis" saying..I guess my neighbour has just had a sex change..
stevenmaidens said Oct 01, 2011 15:46:20
While im on it...People with their cant be bothered to try and make an effort attitudes..Say hello to them when your out and about and they squeak in a high pitched voice..and try to pretend your not there..cmon..
ChrisSpears said Oct 04, 2011 14:23:44
Agreed, but its downright ignorance that irritates me- you pass a person in the street and they just walk past and stare when you say hello or good morning- gah! like a smile or even a nod uses too many calories or something.
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 06, 2011 09:58:05

Bloody cameron wants people to pay off their credit cards and take a pay cut etc. Why don't the politicians take a bloody pay cut! An MP's salary £65,738!!!!!! The cabinet mininsters get £134,00. Camerons gets 142,000 and Brown walked away with a 3 million pound pension index linked. Now that irritates the f*ck out of me!!!
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ScottHutchinson said Oct 06, 2011 12:14:06
I think Politician should not be a career option! You go into politics to serve your country not isolate yourself in an Ivory tower from real life. I think that being an MP should be limited to two terms of parliament (that is two elections) and one of the criteria of being an MP is that you have a career in something else outside of politics!
As Lao Tzu says "When the Master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exists. Next best is a leader who is loved. Next, one who is feared. The worst is one who is despised.
If you don't trust the people, you make them untrustworthy.
The Master doesn't talk, he acts. When his work is done, the people say, 'Amazing: we did it, all by ourselves!'".
Who was the last Prime Minister in this country who wasn't despised? I can't think of anyone since Winston Churchill!
Who was the last one that wasn't on an ego power trip?
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ScottHutchinson said Oct 06, 2011 12:35:24
The thing is there exists a system of Government that is fair open to scrutiny and controllable by the people. It is called Direct Democracy and it is the system the Swiss run their country with.
Basically the government is elected by proportional representation, further if the government put forward legislation that more than 1% of the electorate disagree with then it has to be put to a referendum of the whole country. The government therefore have to make sure that they actually have the backing of the people before they put any legislation forward as it is likely to be opposed and defeated. Also anyone of the electorate can put forward legislation for a referendum if they can get 2% of the electorate to back their legislation. So the people of the country can put forward legislation for consideration by the country!
This is truly grown up government for the people by the people!
ScottHutchinson said Oct 06, 2011 12:57:19
The second house in our case the Lords should really be a house of the people and run on Athenian democracy principles, that is direct not representative. In the city state of Athens all citizens were entitled to take part in government and the assembly was a place they would go. This should be how our second house is run in that all the members of the second house should serve for maybe one session of parliament and be drawn at random from the electoral lists, this would make the people part of their own governance. It would also mean that issues of the day would have to be put before them in understandable terms thus simplfing much of the goobledeegook that currently goes on.
stevenmaidens said Oct 06, 2011 21:22:43
Go Scott Go !!! let it all out....Ive been working on flippin business plans all day, I havnt a clue whats going on in the world !! To be honest, The TV is hardly ever not on Cbeebies !!Its Chuggington,ZingZillas all day..Interesting what youve said though Scott..We should do what the swiss are doing..

It does seem that its all going tits up !! Financial collapse...its been predicted for a milenia..Money is crap !!! dosnt bring any good...Lets go back to"Wood,metal,rock"bartering..Get rid of the Rothchilds...
ScottHutchinson said Oct 07, 2011 12:21:12
Spent the morning shouting at fate/karma/destiny whatever you what to call it! You may think this a pointless exercise but I found it rather cathartic and felt much better afterwards. Moral sometimes being meek mild and accepting really doesn't help very much!
stevenmaidens said Oct 10, 2011 13:59:47
I hate automated F**king Shopping Carts......
You want to sell me a F**king £500 F**king Item....Then F**king get of your F**king arse and do it in person....
F**king B***ocks F**king C**P
stevenmaidens said Oct 11, 2011 15:22:28
Better now !! all done..Phones are amazing devices !!
ChrisSpears said Oct 13, 2011 22:18:10
they've made a £500 item maybe they will use the money to upgrade their site... everyone cross their fingers!
ChrisSpears said Oct 13, 2011 22:29:37
I think i am alergic to polititions, everytime i hear them arguing with each other i have to supresss the urge to involuntarily throw things at the TV, stop arguing with each other and start earning that hidiously inflated bonus laden paycheck by actualy fixing the country! that way when i have to buy a new TV (to replace the one with entry and exit holes the size and shape of a coffee mug) i can afford it, useless chumps bicker and squable like a pack of hyeenas with Alpha Beta issues.
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