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The Afterlife, Life after death, Heaven.

posted Oct 05, 2011 20:59:33 by LeeHaslamVT
Well, we are all getting older. So What happens when we die? Is near death experience real or a trick of the brain. Are we trully 21gramms lighter at death, because the soul has taken flight.. I like to think so. What about you?
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ScottHutchinson said Oct 05, 2011 22:19:43
If you would like an interesting read try Consciousness Beyond Life by Pim van Lommel M.D. He is a cardiologist that has made a study of the near death experiences of his patients.
Consciousness has long been the bane of Psychologists and Neurologists who can not pin it down to any one area of the brain. What intrigued me when I was doing my psychology degree was the reports of near death experiences from brain dead patients. All the functions of the brain where extinct yet they were reporting they could see themselves on the operating table, if they are brain dead how can they see anything they couldn't even hallucinate as there was no brain function. The other thing that intrigued me was the brain does not have the physical capacity to store a life times memories. So where do we store all these memories these plus other anomalies have lead me to think that the brain does not act like a computer but instead is more like a radio receiver that tunes in to your consciousness.
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 06, 2011 09:45:40
Thanks for that Scott. I've just ordered it. I saw a programme on the subject, the doctor on it was so closed to the possibility. I heard the same of a guy who was brain dead for a number of minutes and managed to tell the medical staff what happend. He also met his deceased parents who told him it was not his time to pass over.
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 06, 2011 09:46:45
What a waste a life would be if all the knowledge, experience was lost when you die.
stevenmaidens said Oct 06, 2011 21:44:06
I died once on an operating table you know when I was an astronaut/deep trench diver on venus!! Seriously though, I did. I was 17yrs old, apparently the doctor said I was gone for quite some time and then just lurched back to life..

Ive always been interested in out of body expierience, due to the fact that yes i watched the people in the operating theater running around like chickens..while i seemed to be stuck to the ceiling. I went into a mild coma for a number of hours, dont know how long..remember seeing aunts and some other visitors,again while stuck to the ceiling..

Later in life I learned a technique for inducing an obe naturally..sounds a bit daft but its based on initially walking into doors while convincing youself they are open..You stop dead, but your soul if you like carries on for a few feet..Sounds crazy, but it works.once your mind builds the pattern to do it you can induce it willfully.eventually i managed and still can do it at will..Usually during cataleptic seziure (the time between being asleep and awake) when you cant feel your body..Takes a bit of training but it is very possible..

Also you can train your mind to wake during sleep..While your in dream state,Waking within your dreams allows you to travel at will and remember were you went..I could fill a book, so I will leave it there for now..

As it happens I agree with Scott...Our souls are immense,itd be like inverting a pyramid and then balancing it on ourv heads..It aint gonna fit,was never supposed to.But you have acsess if you wish, and are able.our wings when open go right up to heaven if you like...If thats your bag...I like the light body concept...
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 07, 2011 08:01:28
Very interesting, I have had few weird expirences. I fly a lot in dreams now. I remember travelling to a hotel lobby, really oppulent place, marble floors, It was like a waiting room - dreams are somewhat of a paradox at times. But I was waiting for someone.

Anyway, by me was a large opening with the most brightest light I have ever seen. I was told by this someone, that Tanya - who was killed in a car crash some weeks before was ok, but I could not see her. After which I learch up in bed awake as if I had hit the ground hard. It was like being poured back in your body through a tap or tube. Another thing about that doorway of light, I knew or was aware that I could not go near it!
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 07, 2011 08:01:59
Thanks guys for contributing!
stevenmaidens said Oct 07, 2011 12:32:47
Temple of plane astral sphere..marble floor,pillars,blk onyx altar,etc...its the place we all go to start our journey...Usually the floor is Blk and white marble tiles..Interesting the closest lightbeing to the human realm is known in ancient text as Gabriel...Funny that!! The next plane which is at the end of a winding upward track is Yesod..This is the plane of entry into this plane..So yes the White light would make sense..
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 07, 2011 16:57:54
Blimey the floor was black and white I think, long time ago! She died 17 years tomorrow, she died on the 8th october 1994.
ChrisSpears said Oct 13, 2011 23:37:17
I like Steves inverted pyramid idea the same occured to me also, somebody once told me that if you considered the body to be like the stylus on a record player the soul would be the arm that holds the stylus in place and the record would be life- the passage of time would be represented by the turning of the record therefore the interaction between stylus and record would be the music of life transmitted upwards for the universes enjoyment, an odd analogy i know but an interesting one i hope.
stevenmaidens said Oct 14, 2011 08:59:50
WoW...Fei, I just love that analogy big time...thats a great way to describe it.I feel a moment coming on, but Ive got to go to an interview with my new mentor for this business that the goverment has given me...doh
ScottHutchinson said Oct 14, 2011 13:31:56
Love the analogy Chris one of the best I've heard! Only change I would make is that it could possibly have more than one stylus on the record at a time. In other words the one soul has more than one connection in this world I have often thought that could explain soul mates!
stevenmaidens said Oct 15, 2011 20:46:44
Ah ha...Hmmmmmmm Soul Mates !!now theres an interesting idea !!!
This is my take on "Soul Mates"..and indeed the very singular "Twin flame"

Ok, Simply putting it mind as the internet just dosnt have enough storage to contain it in order for this idea to work you must first embrace the idea that your soul is eternal and that reincarnation is pretty much the way of things. cool done that......lets move on.

For billions and billions of years we existed as star matter..I know its way out there, but just stick with me on this...billions, etc. Then through forces off the scale to mans meager minds the stars or if you like this particular star exploded.

Now at this point we could go back to the gas cluster that formed the known universe, again being brought into existance via the eventual explosion that formed the first stars..Our kind all came into being from one star, our star. We are made from stardust (fact).When our star blew, beings clung together in groups while being blasted across space. The beings that surrounded each and everyone of us are our soul mates( many).They are infiniately linked to us and in many ways are just a fractured version of our soul (the one soul). Being made up of our beings as we are made up of them, gives us a connection that is all part of the whole. The one being that was so close, you were pretty much wrapped around for the entire journey is our twin flame(only one).

Now in life Soul mates and your twin flame have different effects on our lives. Soulmates can be of either sex, they dont have to be a sexual partner. Throughout all of our lives, soul mates come together to help each other remember who, what and why...You could meet many or just a few soul mates in one lifetime..Interestingly this lifetime is part of the evolving cycle of the one soul..So if you like many soulmates are on earth at this time..The armies of Michael in their golden humming armour, resonating in pitch with the black holes thoughout the universe if you like..Not that im religious....

Throughout time many soulmates have assisted us in spirit, Guides etc..Although as Ive mentioned most are here at the moment..

The Twin flame is different..You only have one..All your lives you have never met !! They have always been your angelic guide, watching, guideing...helping you cross paths with your soulmates...You have done the same for them, when they have taken human form you were their guide..Like the helix spiral spinning forever into the breath of life.

Untill now that is...There are some that believe that this is the time to finally meet..This lifetime..Should you meet, it wont be pretty.They have undertaken the task of pushing you harder than any other. No other soul has the strength and unconditional love to be able to do this. If you come together as lovers it will be short lived..and explosive. As friends you will almost kill each other..

But the lessons will be learned..The dust will finally settle..and the song of the universe, your song, will again fill the heavens.

True friends listen to your song, learn the words and sing it back to you when you have forgotten.We are frequency, we are sound, and together we are one..

Thats my version...make of it whatever you will.
ScottHutchinson said Oct 16, 2011 13:11:40
Man that is just beautiful!
ChrisSpears said Oct 16, 2011 23:27:02
Very true my friend, I like your helix comparison. We all march together to the song of songs the heartbeat of the universe, when we remind each other of who we are or sing the song of another who has forgotten you could say that was a sacred duty one we carry out with joy in our hearts for to carry it out is to pick a brother up and help them dispel the illusion of darkness so they can see and shine once more and in so doing remind ourselves that we are not alone and rest safe in the knowledge that should we fall a brother will gladly sing our song and dispel our illusions with joy in their heart knowing we will rise again.

Where the army of Michael Marches justice travels in their wake their banner is truth itself where it flutters in the breeze lies cannot persist, each warrior unique but stardust all the same, their armour of gold signifies the return of the eternal sun that lies at the heart of all things and reflects only the light of the soul itself, their spears strike at the very heart of inequity.
ScottHutchinson said Oct 17, 2011 12:28:10
Chris you not only have the heart of a warrior but the soul of a poet.
I consider myself blessed to know you.
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