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Alan Gibson seminar this year !!!

posted Oct 16, 2011 15:46:46 by stevenmaidens
Ive spoken briefly with Alan and he seems to think we could fit it in before xmas..
Most of the guys have said yes to this.
It will cost £40 and probably be either the end of Nov or the beginning of to be confirmed..

Now im aware that it is close to xmas, consider it a pressy to yourself..

I can guarantee that unlike some other lineage seminars that you may have had the pleasure of attending in the past. It wont be covering how to chain punch !!! lol or stand incorrectly...sheesh

In a nutshell, well worth the effort to attend..

Anyhow give it a thought and either chat to me in class or leave a message here..

Thats it guys...and yes I know that some wont be able to make it...thats ok...
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ChrisSpears said Oct 16, 2011 19:53:06
I couldnt pass up this opertunity, i will make the time. I will also pay for another who cannot it is the least i can do to support my club, please let me know tomorow. It is great to hear about the seminar.
ScottHutchinson said Oct 17, 2011 12:43:16
I agree it is a golden opportunity that should not be passed up, I will endevour to be there.
stevenmaidens said Oct 19, 2011 10:31:21
Its looking like itl be the 11th of Dec....any problems with this
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 19, 2011 11:09:59
I can't wait... 11th should be fine, that's a Sunday, how long will it last?
stevenmaidens said Oct 19, 2011 12:28:57
Not sure 3/4 hours i guess
ChrisSpears said Oct 19, 2011 14:28:21
4 hours, its going to be superb.
ScottHutchinson said Oct 19, 2011 14:42:25
Whoopeeeee I will be there even if I have to rob a bank!
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stevenmaidens said Oct 19, 2011 15:44:50
Just spoken to Alan, Its on.............!!!!!


December the 11th commencing at 11.00am - finishing when he's done..

Just to be clear, It has been mentioned that we could all go up the Charlton for an Xmas drink after....

Me,Chris and Jim will be going anyhow !!

Santa hats are
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 21, 2011 08:48:04
Santa hat has been dug out of the loft! Count me in for the xmas drink, will have to be non alcoholic for me though!
stevenmaidens said Oct 21, 2011 11:57:38
Cool..I dont mind if you have a coffee !!! as long as your there dude
LeeHaslamVT said Oct 21, 2011 16:35:57
Thanks Fu... I intend to be.
stevenmaidens said Nov 02, 2011 13:22:02
Anyone that wants to pay me or part pay me up front .....just let me know..It needs to be paid in full before the seminar, so that i can just hand him the envelope on the day..

The less time flaffing the more time learning and training..His time is precious so lets not waste it.......:-)

Thanks guys..

Just so you know we now have enough people ....if anyone else wants to go, they need to see me soon...
stevenmaidens said Nov 02, 2011 13:23:28
Scott which book was it you wanted...because if you still need me to get it im going down next tues..8th Nov

ScottHutchinson said Nov 02, 2011 20:18:50
Wing Chun : The Works, soft back edition £18.00 + £5.00 P&P. It should have everything that is in his other books in the one book! Can't wait! Also apologies for not being there tonight my back is giving me a lot of trouble, I would be as stiff as a post if it where not for the anti-inflammatories and pain killers. Typical since I've got a couple of weeks work at QEH Bristol.
[Last edited Nov 02, 2011 20:20:19]
stevenmaidens said Nov 03, 2011 12:46:55
ok scott...i will pick up a copy for you...although i must point out that every book he has written is different..he revises then all periodically..

It says that it contains everything but its just not quite as black and white as that..i think he trys to keep each book interesting and slightly different so that you will eventually buy all of them..good business sense..

I have all his books and each one is a must have..I dont have this latest one though, so I cant really comment too much..I can only comment on my observation of his others.

You never know he may have changed his format...

but I doubt it.:-)

But I will pick it up for you bro,no worries....
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