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Letting go of whats gone before

posted Dec 15, 2011 18:28:55 by stevenmaidens
We are a great class, one of the best (if not the best) in Somerset...WSL VT Wing Chun, has no equal....
Lets move into the new year with positivity in our hearts...You all know that we are untouchable...
Lets stand tall, proud....and just

We are WSL VT mid Somerset branch..Mendip Wing Chun Kuen..Simply miles ahead of the rest...WSL...feel the difference
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ChrisSpears said Dec 15, 2011 20:21:03
I agree, and thats just how i feel.
Lets make 2012 a whole new era for our class and move forward fearlesly with WSL-VT, from what i have seen and felt this last year WSL-VT is simply the most efficient form of Kung Fu, since implementing the system in my own training Wing Chun just makes more sense and my skill level has only continued to increase, in short i cant wait to renew my training in the new year its going to be awesome- as usual.
stevenmaidens said Dec 16, 2011 09:41:16
Thats the spirit !!
stevenmaidens said Dec 16, 2011 09:46:44
Yes...I totally agree with you brother...WSL VT has no skills have gone through the roof this year...Its all down to good coaching from Alan, good training with you guys and damn hard work from myself..

Your easily 20 times more skilled than you were a year all are..well done you!!!

Looking at were my own personal skill set has got to, its not hard to see why the great Wong Shun Leung was undefeated....

My am I glad Im part of the WSL brotherhood and not training pretend Wing Chun with the wannabes.....
ScottHutchinson said Dec 16, 2011 12:16:17
I look forward to getting back to work I fear my skills have suffered during my enforced absence and I may have to re-climb that hill. It's all good for the spirit though.
stevenmaidens said Dec 17, 2011 15:58:26
No worries Scott, Its all good, Weve all started from the beginning, Its the only way...Ive completely emptied my cup of the Sam k stuff, Start from a clean slate, You already know half the terminology and hand/arm shapes.

Yes it will be difficult and the WSL mountain is much bigger...but oh so worth it in the end...
LeeHaslamVT said Jan 08, 2012 15:30:54
Its a journey!

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