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What makes a great martial artist

posted Feb 18, 2012 11:48:56 by stevenmaidens
What makes a great martial artist??

Is it how much they train?
maybe how hard they train?
How much they've learnt possibly?

No!!, its non of these. Yes training is important to maintain the skills you have worked so hard for..Traing hard, produces a good skill knowledge, with good overall body condition. Being intelligent enough to learn in the first place helps..

But no the answer is still no !!

Being a great martial artist, is being able to overcome the dreaded drop off point !!!simple and direct. This is far more important than any other learning process.

There comes a point in all martial artist careers, whether they are just a few weeks in, or maybe years, when they suddenly come up against a brick wall. They cant get over it, under it, or indeed go around it.

No amount of trying will just sits there..It wont go away as its inside your being. This is the drop off point, that so many practioners throughout the ages have reflected on. Most sit down, turn off their internal engine and shut down.

This is it!!

Their martial career has ended, they no longer have the willpower to carry on. Before long their skills have become so rusty, they no longer work..Knowledge of the forms, go out the window, taking with them all their accumulated knowledge of the system. Everything starts to fade into grey blurry swirling mist of nothingness. This is a sad day indeed !!

For some, the fire gets a new life, the flickering flame suddenly lights up and burns brightly again. This brings about a new interest, a new wanting. The career resumes and becomes tenfold what it was before.

This is what makes a great martial artist !
this single thing!
The will to get up, shake off the cobwebs and come back fighting, forging their futures, making it happen.

When all the ingredients are in front of you, and all you have to do is put them together, it is those that do, that count. Those that dont, just simply fade away.

In the code of conduct, it says, "maintain your skills" because if you dont, then that wall may be just around your next corner !!
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ChrisSpears said Feb 19, 2012 19:39:13
Letting your skills rust is a tragedy... Wing Chun is not unlike a sword that you have smithed yourself it is a reflection of the time and hard work and love you have poured into its forging allowing it to rust through not maintaining it can lead to it becoming nothing but scrap metal forcing you to recycle and reforge it.
ScottHutchinson said Feb 20, 2012 13:19:04
This is very relevant to me I seem to have hit this wall in spades not because I have lost my enthusiasm for Wing Chun, I haven't, but every time I try to make it a more permanent thing in my life something comes along to stop it happening. Just like the universe has decide that I'm not supposed to be a teacher! So I don't get any work any more nor am I successful with applications for teaching posts. I will not let the universe get the better of me here I'm not so concerned about not being a teacher but I will not kow tow on Wing Chun, I will over come I will learn this art fully and the universe just better get used to the idea. I'm a Rooster a fire Rooster at that and sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and say there and no further this Cockrell has been pushed back one time to many so universe watch out! I'm about to shake the pillars of Heaven!!!!
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stevenmaidens said Feb 20, 2012 17:09:39
Now thats the kind of enthusiasm I like to see.....whoooo hoooo go you brother Scott !!

I know exactly how you feel, as a few years ago I was trying to get back into employment, back and forth to Bristol I went, A thousand job applications later....Im not joking,I used to stack them up besides the sofa, the pile I used to use as a table as it was over a foot and a half in height.

Again and again "your too old" "you need nvq level this and that" "dosnt 20 yrs of actual hands on experience count for anything these days" I used to say...nope not one bit...bastard insurance...cotton wool society.!!!

So I gave up and settled down to some hard graff being

I eventually realised that my other life skill was Ving Tsun (I had no want to teach back then, I was only concerned with my own training)

Mendip Wing Chun was born in the Summer of 2008 in a friends living room, at first it was just every Thurs afternoon. There were only 4 of us then. Eventually we became a class, hiring the local dance studio....the rest is history...

In a bizarre twist my latest blog refers to this, or more the fact that everyone else has given up, except Chris from that original thurs afternoon class.

Cool Fei, your the most senior member of my class....go you :)
stevenmaidens said Feb 26, 2012 17:46:32
Just a thought!!I saw an article, it went somthing like this...

Its nice outside, hmmm maybe I might miss class this afternoon....hmmmm maybe,

I might go to the pub instead, or go out for a long walk maybe,

maybe, maybe, maybe...hmmmm......just a bit more maybe...untill one day,at that pub...

This guys a nut job!, he has already punched out some poor guy!, oh no, now he likes my wife!, shit, Ive got to take control!.........will my Wing Chun be enough?


Maybes dont work, doing does !!

Sorry guys, but it does make you think!

Train hard, fight easy

Flower arranging wont work or dancing to the village people

stevenmaidens said Feb 26, 2012 17:53:55
Now yes we must never give in to fear, and most of you guys are so inclined that you would of left the pub way before it kicked off.

probably, You walk in, see idiots and read the situation and leave. There are plenty of other pubs etc.

Space awareness is really important..Bruce used to say be aware of your surroundings, and he wasn't wrong.

We train for the love of it!, not for violence, nobody in my school is a thug.

But we must always keep one eye on the look away and forget what it is we are doing is akin to taking our hands off the steering wheel while we are driving.

Take care in everything that you do, be great, be awesome, be cool !! :-)

stevenmaidens said Mar 01, 2012 09:42:41
Nice to see Mark the master at class lastnight! always a pleasure....

Love him to bits.....

be nice to train with him more often too!

stevenmaidens said Mar 17, 2012 14:00:27
Master Mark.....will be back, he fell off a ladder and has seriously hurt his arm..

All good though
stevenmaidens said Mar 17, 2012 14:00:32
Master Mark.....will be back, he fell off a ladder and has seriously hurt his arm..

All good though
stevenmaidens said Mar 17, 2012 14:10:05
Is it just me or is the current state of our countries economic climate seriously affecting students ability to train and move forward...

The idiots in power seem hell bent on making sure most of us are oppressed, and those that are left lack the will to motivate themselves.

Thankyou mr Cameron....yes thanks for that..

AdamTucker said Mar 19, 2012 10:22:33
And now we have the possibility of the roads facing privatisation!
stevenmaidens said May 30, 2012 11:21:57
Hey Adam, I completely missed your comment...yes your right.

The goverment have so much to answer for...its quite unbelievable really how they get away with it.
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