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Differences between styles

posted Mar 08, 2012 11:32:16 by AdamTucker
This question is for any class members who have studied the Kwok style of Wing Chun.
This may be a strange question to ask as we are all studying the Wong Shun Leung method of Wing Chun but please hear me out!
Now there is no doubt in my mind which style of Wing Chun works best,is more efficient, and devastating but I am interested to learn in what ways the systems differ, deviations in centre line theory, arm positioning etc…this may also help to influence future members who are perhaps 'sitting on the fence' deciding which style they would like to go with.
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ScottHutchinson said Mar 09, 2012 15:58:38
Hi Adam damned good question, I'm sure Sifu would be able to give you a better explanation but as a student who learnt Siu Nim Tau Kwok style from my point of view WSL seems to be more direct. That is it doesn't waste time and energy moving hands out of the way with one hand and then hitting with the other unless it really has to. Kwok style tends to chase the hands around where as WSL goes for the strike. There is also a difference in the way they treat the Bong Sau in WSL the elbow seems to be kept low pointing to the floor and the Bong is only ever used fleetingly otherwise you are giving your opponent a lever to control you by.In Kwok style the Bong seems to be held much higher. Hope that has been some help Adam, no doubt my more experienced brethren will have more to say on the subject. Is this right Chris or have I got it all wrong?
stevenmaidens said Mar 09, 2012 16:25:49
Cool question Adam

Firstly I must point out that here is probably not the best place to publish stuff about

(a) about how rubbish I believe their system is, Its just not ethical even if its true.

(b) How much better the wsl method is for actual practical usage...A martial art that just dosnt work is pretty bad, full stop, and because anyone who's studied both can "Feel the difference"

I guess seeing as I have the most experience of the Kwok system, im probably the best man for the job. However for the reasons Ive listed above I will E-mail the answers to Adam rather than going full tilt here on our wonderful site.

So, laters brothers
stevenmaidens said Mar 09, 2012 17:58:26
But if any of you guys want to answer this, feel free
ChrisSpears said Mar 09, 2012 17:58:40
That all sounds right Scott, the bong sau definitly a big difference there.. that is a common theme throughout the Kwok style pronounced elbows (from what i noticed) while they value the centre line their approach to protecting and attacking along that line is less absolute more likely to flank and retreat to find position than to assertivly take the desired line, another difference i noticed whilst still training was a tendancy to first fight the arms as a priority then the person this could be described as a preference for taking the back hand but can easily be trained into a bad habit (chasing hands) in my opinion, their punching line has recently changed to 45 degrees from the hip which bears little resemblance to our own (though the purpose of this escapes me) their tan line now follows the same princpal, and the forms are so diferent in the details i couldnt possibly note them all here, i hope my musings are helpful i am sure that there are many more diferences both doctrinal and technical that can be noted specificly though i am being rather guarded with what i say here on our site in order to adhere to the code of conduct- what i will say is that i know which i prefer -WSL Wing Chun- in all honesty its more efficient and truer to the ideal of any combat oriented art- the first priority of any warrior faced with an enemy is to defeat them as efficiently and as quickly as possible- five seconds in you should be ten meters away and accelerating having left your opponent without a clue what happened.
This is of course my personal opinion but i feel entitled to it having studied another lineage.
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stevenmaidens said Mar 09, 2012 18:11:34
Well put Fei, nice....
AdamTucker said Mar 10, 2012 08:48:55
Thanks for your responses guys!

Some very interesting differences between the styles. I guess they are both trying to achieve the same thing but go about it in different ways.
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