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Bath class

posted Apr 19, 2012 21:26:49 by stevenmaidens
Im almost ready to get the Bath class up and running, I have a couple of venus that I could use..Just waiting on confirmation. Putting the final touches to the posters, got a professional designer on the case...
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ScottHutchinson said Apr 20, 2012 16:08:30
Very Interesting! Bath is slightly closer to me than Shepton Mallet. What day is this likely to run? I might even be able to get to both venues.
stevenmaidens said Apr 20, 2012 17:50:36
Most likely be on a Mon !! still in its birthing stages, we have three possible venues, just need to put fuel on the fire and send up a beacon..

Will keep you posted
ChrisSpears said Apr 22, 2012 15:38:11
I am up for helping out Sifu, just let me know.
LeeHaslamVT said Apr 27, 2012 11:46:05
HI Sifu,

Love the new look of the website. I just want to wish you every best for the future of the Bath Class and to pledge my help in anyway I can. Rock on!
TomRobinson said May 03, 2012 18:44:33
Really looking forward to coming on the 14th
stevenmaidens said May 03, 2012 19:23:19
Hi Tom, great news bro, its the best thing since sliced bread !! I kid you not...

Its always a pleasure having the chance to pass on and share this truly amazing fighting art !! its the reason I get up in the morning. I look forward to seeing you and your friend on the 14th..

Take care bro

stevenmaidens said May 06, 2012 14:49:54
All go for the 14th .....cant wait now...
TomRobinson said May 06, 2012 16:11:57
stevenmaidens said May 30, 2012 11:11:04
Ok, its now in its 3rd week, small steps lead to great destinations. We have a small group turning up regulary and getting on with it.

I shall be advertising in Bath again over the next coming weeks to try and entice a few more people to come and try our version of this great art.

Any help would be apreciated guys, even the smallest action can have far reaching consequences.

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