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All Day training camps

posted Aug 10, 2012 09:57:09 by stevenmaidens
Hi guys, Im putting together a series of all day VT Self improvement training camps....the first will probably be the 19th of this month (Sun) 10.30 - 5.00pm Obviously there is the usual Sunday class, so visitors will attend that first as a warm up and then we will move the training to my place...Weather permitting we can probably fit around ten guys on my patio, out the back. Cost for the day is £20 if you dont usually pay for Sunday...or a £10 if your a twice a week student and you do already attend the Sundays class..We will be specifically looking at what each individual needs to improve on.
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ChrisSpears said Sep 04, 2012 23:19:55
Sign me up i will be there at every one if you'll let me!
ChrisSpears said Sep 04, 2012 23:21:51
You cant beat intensive all day training especially following a class, the last one was awesome roll on the next.
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